Again with Twisty Faster.

The whole “consensual heterosexual sex is an impossibility”:

I can actually go with the concept in the sense of women not having agency, because we’re all coerced/oppressed by the patriarchy-

However, to suggest women lack agency in general seems a self-defeating/impractical concept to use when actually trying to navigate the stream of your life. That is, at least, unless you really know of that aforementioned all-woman island and are willing to move there.

But for us womenfolk that do experience sexual attraction to men- the idea that “consensual” sex with them is impossible is a pretty much meaningless concept. We want to have sex with them, we in all likelihood are going to have sex with them, so completely voiding our agency in that accomplishes exactly what?

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  1. antique-beast answered: The argument also ignores historical matriarchies, where sex was completely consensual.
  2. yahayati answered: i really am glad you posted something about this. Refer to Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm; it’s a great piece.
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    I think it’s one of those things like “I’m a better feminist because I’m not femme in the least”. Twisty Faster is the...
  4. whiskeydiamonds said: Wait, there is something that says consensual heterosexual sex is impossible? As in when I initiate/have/enjoy sex with my partner that it can never be consensual on my part? So someone is invalidating my sexual desires in the name of feminism? 0_o
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